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Echipa 2EXCITE

We've grown, we've got diversified, excellent people have become out colleagues and now we work as a full-service agency.


Creative and efficient services. Two attributes which work very well together. We like to be creative in everything we do, but let's not forget that our solutions must also be efficient. For us, it is important to provide services that enhance the success of our clients.

We operate as a full-service agency in order to keep our promises to our clients. We wish to give them everything they need and please them. This is why they come back with each occasion. We discuss, analyze, look for solutions which we put into practice. We respect our deadlines because this means respecting our clients.

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ATL Advertising

  • Radio and TV advertising
  • Radio and TV production
  • media buying & media planning
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Presentation movies

BTL Advertising

  • Non-conventional campaigns
  • Outdoor campaigns
  • Media buying & media planning
  • Promotional materials
  • Direct marketing campaigns


  • Corporate identity
  • Brand consultancy

Interactive design

  • Wen and multimedia design
  • Code development and implementation


  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Launching events


We put passion in everything we do. But in order to have exceptional solutions, you need more than passion. You need a good knowledge of the economic environment and, last but not least professionalism. The economic landscape is in a continuous evolution. The market becomes more and more diverse, companies grow and with them the consumers' expectations. In this context, what really functions is the solutions based on professional reasoning and strong expertise.

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2EXCITE has a team of talented and passionate young people with a solid background in marketing, management and design. Besides knowledge, we have a four-year experience which taught us that each client is a challange. We grew with each project and became more competitive. At present, we are a full-service agency on which the client can rely for professional services.